A Morning in Georgetown {Engagement Photography}

These two do not like to have their picture taken.  Being outdoors and being together is what comes naturally to them and it is plain to see they have a bond that is simple and honest.   While hiking around to shoot locations, Mark would put Kathryn on his back and get her over the rough terrain.  She is not that kind of girl, but… in getting around the mountain in heels, piggy backing seemed better than tearing an ankle or reigniting an old soccer injury.  She is an athlete but she is also a smart chic.
Mark grew up in Georgetown and the small town seems to embrace him like family.  He has generations of history in the area and works taking care of all of us as an EMT from Floyd Hill to the Pass.  Kathryn has fallen into this world with ease and grace.  They have one of those homes you see off I-70 as you drive to your Front Range destination.  Walk in the door and you will see a variety of plants, outdoor equipment and architectural character.

This town and this couple are a treat to know and to photograph… they make it look good, even if (they say) they do not like to have their photo taken.

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