An Artistic Denver Wedding

I met Miranda in my first year as a full time photographer back in 2008.  I was taking a natural light portrait photography workshop and she was the model.  After the photoshoot, we edited the images and sent them on to our model.  Because of how well we worked together, and how naturally gorgeous she is, inside and out… her images stayed in my portfolio for years.  She was a standout and that class was a turning point for me.

Imagine my surprise when she wrote last fall and re-introduced herself, and told me of her engagement.  Of course I remembered her and was thrilled to be in touch again!  Miranda was looking for photographers and the teacher of our workshop was already booked (thankfully), so, she wanted to meet.  She also wanted to introduce me to her fiance, Trevor, and show me the location where the wedding was being proposed.

In meeting this couple, I saw what so many spoke about on their wedding night.  They were comfortable with each other, so supportive of each other’s ideas and so balanced in their approach to planning their wedding.  They were clear in what they wanted and refreshingly authentic when speaking about their event.  They knew this wedding was about their connection, but even more than that, it was about the people there to support this union.

I have been to a lot of weddings but this is the first one with clever Chemistry toasts and Settlers of Catan references.  It was truly unique and I was honored to be a small part of it.

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