Firsts! An Engagement Session to remember

SO, I am starting down a new career path and there are many things to learn.  I am taking classes and workshops and volunteering to photograph whoever and whatever I can.  It is exciting, and humbling.  I know this path can be a challenge, but I also know I have something.  I love people.  I love art.  I love where those things meet and what can happen when everyone is comfortable.  The images can speak for themselves and last for a lifetime.

These are some images I am working on for my first ever engagement shoot.  I worked with this gorgeous couple at the architecture firm I recently left.  They met there, became friends, and years later fell in love. They are sweet, smart, and clearly easy on the eyes.  I wish them the best and I am so thankful for their support.  I will be capturing their wedding next year, wish me luck!

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