How to Celebrate a winter photoshoot {Couples Photography}

Clients can get nervous about scheduling a photoshoot in the winter.  While you don’t know what the weather will be, in this state that can mean something good can happen.  Overcast days bring about soft light and result in cozy looking images.  Winter sessions can mean forgiving clothes, cute accessories and more energy to play (dogs often love it the most).


How can you celebrate a winter photoshoot?

Dress appropriately.  If to live in a climate that has drastic temperature swings, aka Colorado, do your best to have clothing options ready for shoot day.  If you need to wear coats in your photos, that is OK.  it is often better to look warm and happy than cold and miserable.

Embrace the clouds.  Clouds offer a giant photo filter that softens the light, takes shadow contrast down, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and eliminates the need for flash (if your photographer is into that).Gracis_F019-LRLet your outfits be the pop of color or contrast.  With dead landscapes, the best color you can find is going to be on you.  This is great, eyes are drawn to depth and we want that focus to fall on your fine selves.  Bring a blanket to wrap around or wear cute hats.  Show the season in your shots, that is waht it is all about.

Pick Engaging Locations.  Aim for sites that have interesting or unique landscape elements, even when the plant growth is limited.  Let your photographer suggest places they know photograph well this time of year.


While it is RARE that I cancel a photoshoot and even more rare that the weather is the reason.  Winter is charming and it is one of the reasons we live here.  There are seasons and they should be celebrated.  This session is a great example of just that.

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