Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

Sometimes I get links to wedding photography, or it is posted online (mostly on Facebook), and the photos make me sad.  They clearly asked a friend or family member who owns a nice camera to give it a try…. figuring that anyone can do it, or that photography was not worth spending money on.  I often wonder if they know how bad their photos are, or if they even care.  I also wonder if they have any idea how good they wedding photography and photographer could have been.  I doubt it.There are so many reasons to hire a professional and not all of them are going to be about the photography.  Experience matters.  Sure… I took me years to realize how to get certain shots and when to move during a ceremony without causing a large distraction.  There is a rhythm, regardless of how different the wedding is, and only professionals have been to enough weddings to understand it.  I am not saying i will nail it every time, but, I am more likely to than a casual shooter.   With experience also comes organization that allows us to succeed.  I do not show up at a wedding without knowing what is happening that day.  I want to know as much as I can so that i can take successful shots.  Not only does it matter to me, my reputation depends on it.There is also the benefit of equipment.  Pros have to have it.  They actually spend every last dime collecting it.  So, when a low light situation comes along, pros are prepared   Some shots can only be taken with a certain lens, for example… the ring shots are not going to be taken with a standard kit lens.  They can not focus that that distance.  You need a lens that can get right up to the ring (or whatever wedding detail you want to remember), and lock focus.  These kind of shots will help tell the story of your day.  They define it, even if only icing on the cake (which, you will need a great lens to capture).

I can also speak as a recent bride myself.  It was expensive to hire a pro but I can tell you, those images are all over our house and something we take great pride in.  Besides the marriage, which is awesome, there is nothing else left.

So, professional wedding photography matters.  Even if I am not the photographer for you, hire a pro.  These images will define your memories and this is a day you want to remember.


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