Why you should do a photo shoot, just for you.

“Cat, I’ll let you in on a little secret. We don’t all love our jobs every day. And doing something you have passion for doesn’t make the work part of it any easier…It just makes you less likely to quit.” ~ Georgia “The Friday Night Knitting Club” â€• Kate JacobsThe Friday Night Knitting Club

Just came across that quote and I love it.  I am dedicated to what I do and know it is important.  I am reminded why each time a new life comes into the world and each time we lose one.  Pictures can define your memories and having an abundance of them, especially good ones… you know…. where you are showered and dressed and in a nice location… is a gift to give future generations.  They will remember you looking awesome and that really is fantastic.  And simple.

So, sign up for a professional photoshoot.  Just for you.  It does not have to include your kids, or even your partner if you don’t want… just do something to celebrate who you are at this moment.

This gorgeous couple left their two kids at home for this one.  It was windy and they were running from one thing to the next, but they found a moment to stop and stand still.  Thank you H family!

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