Say YES to a second photographer at your wedding

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” David Viscott


I know there are many of us who like to save money, especially when it comes to big events like weddings.  The little things add up and it can be overwhelming.  It happens to all weddings, small and simple or large and involved… there are lots of decisions to be made and often you have to cut things out.  I get it.  Just don’t cut this.

For my wedding packages, in as many ways as I can, I have taken this decision out of your hands.   A second photographer is always included in my packages, from the most basic to the most involved.  The one work around is a complete custom hourly package where you pick and choose your options.  This way of booking will not save you money but will get you exactly what you want, whatever that is worth.

I know many professionals who shoot alone and do a good job.  They just can’t be two places at once and attempting to do so is distracting, at best.  A first look.  A walk down the aisle.  A toast where you get the people giving the toast as well as those watching… AND different perspectives of each of these things.  The day will go fast and it will be great.

Just think about it.  Your photos will define your memories of this day, what is that worth to you?

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