Wedding Day perfection for a storybook romance

Meet this couple and you will like them, right away.  Joe and Laura have a familiarity that is reserved for old friends, conversations are authentic and engaging.  AND their love and respect for each other follows right in suite.  It makes sense why they are together and why their marriage will be a success.  ALL that AND they happen to have a super cute, squishable little baby I wanted to cuddle all day long.  You would to.  She is pure happiness.  You can see it in the way her grandfather takes care of her, and in how her cousins ooo and ahh at her.  She is a great reflection on this family.

I could go on and on about why I was honored to photograph this wedding but instead, I will let you see some images that show it.  Thank you to the G family for having me there, it was a remarkable day.


Here is your photographer’s choice gallery, enjoy!

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