The end of County Road 129

Sam and Steve had an epic celebration last weekend.  Sure it was also called a wedding and yes it was really far away along a dirt road that closed for 4 hours of the day and pretty much mandated 4WD, but… it was a perfect get away.  Midnight Ranch is not the kind of venue you find on a standard wedding websites and it is not for the kind of bride who cares about minute by minute schedules and endless details.  It is easy going, it is a serene and it is peaceful.  The landscape is the most important detail and the owner, Steve, adds spice to any party.  Careful or you might just see him playing the drums at your reception.

Sam’s dress was designed with lace from a family members wedding gown.  Every person at the celebration, including me, was there as a friend.  Sam’s hair and makeup was taken care of by a pal, the flowers were by her buddy Steve, the band was a fun bunch who drove out from Portland and camped on site for two nights of jams.  They knew the owner and the master of ceremonies was the icing on the cake.

Daughter Emma made celebrity appearances throughout the day.  She refused to wear the cutest red boots in the world and went with a simpler black shoe look.  Obviously her cuteness was enough.  While she opted out of the family portraits, she made her presence known when it really mattered.  She was there for the ceremony, she danced with family at the reception, and found her way under the umbrella when the clouds opened up.The ceremony was unique and personal.  The guests formed an aisle that was quickly filled when the Steve, Sam, and Emma reached the front.  Their dog, Scottie, rolled around in the grass during the welcome and checked in with guests during their friends song.  Their was the jewish ceremony of breaking the glass and personal vows.   Sure, Sam said ditto when it was time for her turn… but, she redeemed herself moments later when everyone stopped laughing.  

Cocktail hour started with Hors d’Å“uvres and Odells under sunny skies and ended in the tent with a toast and rain.  As the night went on you could find guests floating along in canoes or around the bonfire.


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