Wedding Photography Trends

At some point it became more popular to shoot weddings in a photojournalistic style.  It used to be that families were posed, all reception images were taken head on with the full attention of those in the frame.  They were formal.  Now the candid, story telling theme is in.  People tilt the camera at angles that were never reasonable to use when we were using film.  There are details of shoes and rings and cakes that are only shot because of the digital era.  These pictures tell the story.  When it comes to wedding albums, the new trend is graphic intensive.  There are layers upon layers, the backgrounds of each page are de-saturated behind images that sit on top, framed with a simple line and aligned each direction to tell a story of the day.  Will these albums be in style 10 years from now?  Does it even matter?  Will you have even bought an album?  While the clothes and hair styles might be dated, the people will have aged, the book will be a moment in time that captures it all.  

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