USAFA Wedding Rehearsal

Originally uploaded by Rendition Studios

Sometimes when the lighting and tricky and there are challenging shots everywhere, I have to step back and reevaluate the setting. The USAFA Chapel is one of those sites for me. It is incredible.  It is architecturally astounding, it is detailed and unique. It is also largely out of scale for a standard sized wedding party.  People look small and the seating is largely vacant. Visually, the building itself wins the competition between man and structure~ quite honestly the chapel steals the show and we can not have that.  The Wedding itself is what we are there for, so, I have to take the stage back.  I focus on wedding details that bring this Architectural masterpiece back down to our level. I celebrate the buildings grandeur by shooting wide angle shots and taking my time with its beauty…. then I take the show back to the people inhabiting the space. I look for detailed elements that make the setting more contextual while allowing the wedding party to shine.  I look for reflective surfaces where the natural light can give my images depth.  I go high, I lay on the floor, I circle the place and then I just shoot away and see what happens!

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