When looking for a place to celebrate your wedding there are so many things to consider.  Everyone will have an opinion on what details are essential and where to spend your money.   If you are the one paying this will help your decision making process, if not a series of compromises are coming your way.  Even a small budget will stretch to its limit and can be quickly overwhelmed if you are not focused.First and foremost you should have a great photographer.  Not just because I am one, I also believe we can help shape a special memory regardless of everything else.  Secondly you need an Accommodating and interesting Venue.  The staff should be personable and come to work with a positive attitude.  The owners should be willing to work with your needs, your budget, and hear your concerns.  Architecturally, I always hope for a venue that allows for an outdoor ceremony with options for beautiful landscape and structural backgrounds.  There is nothing better than natural light and shadows to give your photographs depth.  The more your site has environmental diversity the more satisfied you will be with your photography.  As a side note, if the guests to celebrate and stay in the same general area the event tends to go better~ the more stops the more people lose interest in the event and the harder it is to get people to anchor in and let loose.
New Orleans has this all built in, Cafe Amelie does it best.  There is a courtyard with landscape and privacy.  There are staff members who love what they do.  The food is incredible and the photography opportunities are endless.

What makes this site a challenge is that you have to hike in your gear and your wedding accessories.  Transportation to and from the French Quarter is limited (if even available) for night weddings. Naturally this means you have to be organized and ready well in advance.  It also means that the streets are active with characters that will provide a backdrop in and of itself.   The New Orleans people of the quarter are your accessories and the distinctive architecture gives you a sense of place.  These images will always be special.

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